Liuhe villa
Column:Real Estate Time:2019-04-26
From the perspective of the past, it is hard to imagine the glory of lujiazui more than 20 years ago. Now it has transformed into a national financial center. With greater planning and

Liuhe villa, a community of 38 single-family villas, was developed in 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2019. It is located at no. 2518, huqingping road, qingpu district

From the perspective of the past, it is hard to imagine the glory of lujiazui more than 20 years ago. Now it has transformed into a national financial center. With greater grand plans and expectations, greater hongqiao is positioned as an asian-level transportation hub and an international business center to surpass the new mission of lujiazui and leverage the new economic pattern of China and even the world.

If you did not participate in the rise of lujiazui, then now, the brilliant hongqiao must seize! Liuhe villa, the scarce villa resources in the hinterland of big hongqiao, is working with hongqiao to meet the planning and potential beyond imagination!

The liuhe villa, located in the core radiation area of hongqiao, is endowed with advantageous ring floors and supporting facilities. Because the area gathers great hongqiao's outstanding talents and circles, it has a natural interpersonal advantage and working atmosphere for the residents' personal development. The project also attracts a number of international schools to take root in the area, and the resources of top schools such as soong ching ling kindergarten and xijiao foreign language primary school are around. 
    At the same time, in a prosperous core liuhe villa is broke the disadvantage, villa has always been away from commercial projects with outlet mig ji chengwei b&q carrefour decathlon food heaven and earth is the shopping the catering entertainment facilities, such as heaven and earth, can completely meet the demand of the daily life of habitant .

      The project invites Mr. Yu ting, a famous architectural design master in Shanghai, to act as the designer, which embodies the absolute master model. In elite living habits and taste carefully, after the main project planning area of 255 ㎡ door model, at the same time don't enlarge the living space of the heart, by the height of 4.5 meters, 8 meters carry empty lobby, realized in the region and even the whole Shanghai rich measure of hard to see. The detailed division of each functional area reflects the project's deep thinking on the living style. In addition to the bedroom, it also covers the space such as study, video room and laundry room, refining the living pattern. At the same time, careful to the window size, each column, each small guardrail design, are carefully polished, in order to bring more comfortable and beautiful living experience for residents.

       In addition, the project spares no expense in using expensive materials to provide the most powerful value support for the building. The Portuguese sandstone used on the facade of liuhe villa, with noble color and exquisite texture, is a very rare decorative stone for luxury houses. Housetop scuttle stone, brick, tile, facade, outside the window all adopt the world famous brands such as original imported from abroad, even with such as the world leader in the field of roof window "velux" brand, by three French famous tile manufacturers Lambert, TBF and Guiraud joint "force" brand, the highest standards of the industry on behalf of the German door window "xu" brand, etc. Layer upon layer of screening, layer upon layer of checks, showing the excellent quality level.